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March 13, 2015 (6:00-8:00 PM)




WHAT: DONATION $5.00 No Potluck to Follow

How to Trust Your Dowsing

Presented by

Jeanne Gehringer

This presentation will provide an experienced dowser's recommendations to the oft asked question "How do I learn to trust my dowsing?" Join Jeanne as she shares her humorous journey of over 30 years from a fledgling dowser with at best amusing results to an experienced dowser who gets consistently confirmable results.

This will be an educational and interactive talk focused on helping you developing trust in your dowsing. It will include examples of why "dowsing doesn't work? with solutions to make it effective, and guidelines to improve dowsing accuracy.

Bring your pendulums, dowsing problems that have bedeviled you and we will have fun improving your dowsing ability!

About the Instructor...

Jeanne has been learning and teaching dowsing for over 30 years through the American Society of Dowsers. She has been a presenter at ASD chapters in many states, and at Regional ASD Conferences. She co-founded the Dona Ana Dowsers of Las Cruces and the ASD Southwest Dowsing Conference in 1994, within which she served as Conference Director annually until 1998. She is currently the ASD Southwest Regional Vice President and is a member of the ASD Education Committee.

Jeanne is available for personal dowsing consultation. Please contact her at 575- 522-4667 or


March Dowsing Workshop

Saturday March 14   9:30 am - 3:30 pm 

$70 per person - cash or checks

Get off the Karmic Hamster Wheel by Clearing the Big 5

If you feel that no matter how diligent a spiritual student you are, that you sometimes are going round and round the karmic wheel, that something is preventing you from healing, release, or growth, this workshop will assist you.

In my healing work, I have found 5 key areas responsible for deep-seated issues. These areas are: Non-beneficial Energies, Entities, Past Live, Psychic Chords, and Thought Forms. In this workshop you will learn about each of these areas, how they negatively impact you, and how to use dowsing to identify and remove their negative energies. We will complete this deep removal by leaning how to correct anything out of order in the aura, then energizing it.

This technique is profound. Clearing the Big 5 key areas together makes the healing effect larger that the sum of its parts. Afterwards, people feel that the karmic clutter (either know or unknown to them ) preventing them from matriculation into their divine blueprint is gone. They are lighter; free. the positive effect is joyous to behold.

Workshop participants will learn how to use dowsing to:

  1. Identify negative energies in noxious zones, entities, past lives, psychic chords, and thought forms.

  2. Remove the negative energies of the above , and

  3. Repair and energize the aura.

This is an interactive workshop. Handouts on the clearing techniques will be provided and there will be classroom time for practice. Remember to bring a sack lunch.

Future Meetings:

April - Alan Handelsman

May - Mariko Yamamoto

September - Jaap van Etten